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The Top 5 Power Tools Every DIY Handyperson Should Have

You need a powerful set of power tools in your home toolbox for any DIY project.

While the trusty hammer and nail will always have a place in our hearts, power tools provide dramatic increases in efficiency, precision, ease of use, and of course, POWER. The variety of power tools available today is staggering, with each tool having a multitude of attachments, modes, and functionalities. For the everyday handyperson, deciding which power tool can be a problem, and selecting the right tool for the job can be overwhelming without prior knowledge.

To simplify this issue, here are the top 5 power tools that any person should have in their toolbox.

#1: Power Drill

The power drill is an extremely useful multipurpose tool that is a must-have for any toolbox. This is a must have for your at-home toolbox. Whether you are completing a small or large project, a power drill is a necessity for any home improvement project. Power drills are versatile and offer interchangeable drill bits that vary in diameter. From drilling a small hole to hang a picture frame, to 5-inch-wide bits for drywall, power drills can be used adaptively in any situation.

Most power drills use electricity as a power source and can be plugged into a wall socket or be powered with rechargeable batteries, making the drill portable and easier to use wherever and whenever it’s needed. There are several different types of drills which are meant to be used on different materials, such as wood, metal, and even concrete. For most projects, however, a simple handheld electric power drill will be perfect for the job. Make sure to keep on handy!

#2: Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is a must have for any handyperson around the house. Impact wrenches are most often associated with the automotive industry and are mainly used for removing lug nuts to change tires. Additionally, impact wrenches provide much higher levels of torque than manual wrenches, allowing them to remove tight and rusted bolts, nuts, and fasteners. Like power drills, the size of the wrench socket can be easily changed.

There are several types of impact wrenches that differentiate from one another based on their power source. Corded impact wrenches plug into a wall socket and are portable; however, they are more expensive. Cordless impact wrenches are battery powered, allowing for the highest level of portability. The cordless wrench weighs more than the others, is the most expensive, and its batteries can be drained quickly. Air powered impact wrenches are the cheapest option of the three wrenches but are hindered by the fact that an air compressor needs to be close by. No matter which impact wrench you select, it will be an essential tool for the toolbox.

#3: Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is yet another fundamental tool that should be a part of any toolbox. Perfect for any DIY home projects. Reciprocating saws are used to cut through wood, metal, nails, and PVC pipe. They can also be used for projects that require demolition, such as home remodels. Like the impact wrench, the reciprocating saw is available in corded, cordless, and pneumatic (air powered) models.

The advantages and disadvantages of each saw type are the same as the impact wrenches and should be considered before purchasing. Reciprocating saws also come in different sizes, which is perfect to find the best fit for you. Interchangeable saw blades are also used for different surfaces, so it is important to use the right blade for each task.

#4: Angle Grinder

The angle grinder is an immensely versatile tool. It can be used to grind, polish, sharpen metal, cut tiles, and can even be used as a sander. With its diverse capabilities, the angle grinder is the perfect addition to any toolbox. Fast cutting action allows you to be quick and efficient for any project, big or small.

The wheel of the angle grinder can be replaced with different wheel types that are meant for different tasks. For example, wire wheels can be used to clean and polish metal, while metal cutoff wheels are perfect for cutting through rebar, bolts, fencing, etc. Angle grinders are also available in corded, cordless, and air-filled models. While there are many different variations of grinders, the angle grinder is the most common and multipurpose version, making it one of the most useful power tools on the market and a requirement for your personal toolbox.

#5: Circular Saw

When looking to have raw power to cut through anything from wet lumber to dense hardwood, you should have your circular saw at your disposal. In comparison to table saws, handheld circular saws are the most conventional version of the tool, which also feature a circular blade, but are mounted in place. Circular saws are perfect for making precise cuts through lumber, sheet metal, masonry, and other materials.

DIY projects that require long, accurate cuts are made easy with a circular saw. Circular saws are typically corded, but smaller cordless versions are also available. The precision and ease of use of the circular saw make it a must-have cutting tool for any DIY enthusiast.

There are more tools that you can have in your toolbox and a variety of each. This is an investment and a well-worth one at that. The efficiency and quality of your work will increase, allowing you to complete more projects and become a DIY expert. These are just a few to get you started on your next DIY home project!

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