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How Ace Industrial Supply Created Their Thriving Company Culture

Ace Industrial Supply was founded on core values and work ethic to become the equal-opportunity company it is today. At the core of the company are six principles used to promote a thriving company culture, creating a welcoming and open workplace.

1. Make Transparency a Priority

Employee satisfaction is highly important for us here at Ace Industrial Supply, so we do our best to discuss and encourage transparency between our management, employees, vendors, and customers. Being open about issues improves trust in the workplace.

2. Promote Empathy

Ace Industrial Supply’s core value of empathy ties into our transparent, trustworthy, and friendly workplace. Employees reserving judgment of others and acting as individual motivational factors for their peers helps push and develop work skills that promote a strong sense of company values. A supportive and strengthened workplace at the core of our values pushes our ability to stay high in competition with other companies.

3. Employ Company Core Values and History

Ace Industrial Supply is a proud Southern California industry supply company with more than 35 years in the business. Founded on our motto of “Quality tools, great prices, and old-fashioned service,” Ace pushes our strong sense of brand identity to inspire our employees to be proud of where they work. Our very success is built on the history of our hard-working employees old and new, both past and present, and we want to celebrate that by continuing our standard of providing top-quality tools with top-quality service.

4. Evolve and Learn with the Changing Field

The tool and construction supply industry has been rapidly changing, constantly in a state of evolution since Ace Industrial Supply’s start in 1983. With so much new technology coming out to make construction and DIY projects easier and faster, Ace established a constant rotation of tools and industry supply to appease both clients looking for newer technologically enhanced solutions and those wanting their old, trusted method they have been using for decades. It is highly important to us that our employees stay educated and up to date with our changing industry, as we promote proper tool education to better meet the needs of our clients.

5. Outline and Track Improvements, Recognitions, and Company Wins

Ace Industrial Supply is always looking to expand our constant methods of improvement, following our commitment to change in the face of adversity. Just like our efforts to stay up to date with the latest home improvement and industrial technology, Ace keeps a steady eye on new work practices, ranging anywhere from safety to employee flexibility improvements. If we are unable to meet our planned improvements, we look to outlining what we can do and when to meet them. As we evolve with our industry, we similarly give recognition to our employees that help us achieve along the way, promoting an area of growth and a winning company culture by doing so.

6. Engage Employees Year Round

Constant communication across the board is key here at Ace Industrial Supply. In an effort to have Ace employees in consistent alignment with company objectives, we look to keep employees involved and updated with our vision and values.

Ace Industrial Supply is an industrial equipment supplier in Los Angeles, California. Contact us today for top quality brands and more.

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