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Ace Industrial Supply Appoints Highly Experienced Warehouse Manager

Ace Industrial Supply, a leader in industrial tool wholesale and distribution in Burbank, California, has appointed Juan Barajas as its new warehouse manager. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Barajas brings tremendous warehouse and supply industry knowledge. Barajas is the ideal candidate to fulfill the position of warehouse manager for Ace Industrial Supply due to the sheer amount of experience and the personality he brings to the company.

Seasoned in developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with other departments, Barajas is proven to be team player and an admirable leader. Barajas will oversee a 20-employee team while conjunctively working on several projects with Ace Industrial Supply’s finance team for turnkey projects with the information technology department to increase client retention.

Barajas values family and he came from humble beginnings as he began his professional career. He is a very welcoming individual who is motivated to exceed in his position at Ace Industrial Supply.

“Ace Industrial Supply is a great company to grow with. I’ve been in the industry a long time and nowhere have I seen such a welcoming and family-oriented culture in a company,” says Barajas. “The leadership at Ace Industrial Supply takes the time to care for their employees and I think that is felt by the customers. I am excited to be working for such an outstanding company.”

About Ace Industrial Supply

Ace Industrial Supply, Inc. of California distributes wholesale of industrial tools to a 275,000-clientbase. With over 6,000 different items available to be shipped to your business or home. We proudly sell top quality brands from Milwaukee Tools, Bosch, and more offering tools, compressor, jump starters, and other related products. To find out more information, visit https://www.acetools.com/.

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